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Tricktrek theater

Tricktrek is an ambitious family project of Alexander and Serafima.
The project grew in 2017 from the idea of a wooden mechanical performance "Crocodile". Experiments with plywood, metal bolts, screws, levers and valves led the creators, in addition to theatrical decorations, to a completely new understanding of toys for children.
All tricktrek toys are unique and each has its own secret. Dragons flap their wings, crocodiles open their mouths, elephants shake their heads, and some magical creatures hide gold coins.
Tricktrek is a constant search for new forms and solutions for theater and the creation of various dynamic art objects.

The theater has two wooden mechanical puppet shows in its arsenal:

"Crocodile" is a funny story about a crocodile in jungle.
A performance for children from 4 to 10 years old in Russian.

"Kuthi" is an unfunny, and maybe even a scary story about the siege of the castle by the raven wars. A performance performance for children and adults from 6 years old. Without words.

February 2018 – Premiere of the performance "Crocodile", St. Petersburg, Russia.
March 2019 - Participation in the festival of the Bolshoi Puppet Theater "A small and complex man" with the play "Crocodile", St. Petersburg, Russia.
April 2019 – Creation of the mechanical Wheel of Fortune for the Epic con festival.
December 2019 – Creation of mechanical decorations "Gnomes" for the New Year's Market in New Holland.
Summer 2020 – Creation of a mechanical composition with gnomes for the Museum of Printing, Vileika, Belarus.
April 2021 – moving to Estonia and opening a wooden toy store in Tallinn, Ruutli 4.
February 2022 - Participation in the festival with the performance "Crocodile" "SampoFestFinland", Jyvaskyla, Finland.
May 2022 - Participation in the festival with the performance "Crocodile" "Teater kohvris", Viljandi, Estonia.
February 2023 – premiere of the performance "Kuthi" by Vaba Lava Tallinn, Estonia.
August 2023 – European tour (8 countries, 28 performances) and participation in the Festival d'Aurillac with the play "Kuthi", Aurillac. France.
Upcoming events:
March 2024 – Portsxinella Festival, Castillon, Spain.
July 2024 – Festival Musicalarue, Luxé, France.


All the scenery of the play, all the characters are made of wood.
This is a performance mechanism that is increasingly complicated towards the finale.
The main character is a terrible, nasty, nasty, treacherous HUGE CROCODILE who dreams of eating a child for lunch! But it's not so easy to do this, because a hungry crocodile develops a whole series of WITTY tricks, showing the wonders of disguise.
Fortunately, the rascal's idea was not crowned with success, because all the jungles rebelled against him: a hippopotamus, an elephant, and even a monkey.

This is a very, very funny story!

Duration: 30 minutes.

(The performance can be ordered for any event)

The maximum number of small spectators is 45 people.
Спектакль "Крокодил" в Вильнюсе
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