Puppet performance. Engineering and stunning wooden mechanisms.
Kuth - the embodiment of the Raven spirit, a key figure in the creation of the world, the progenitor of mankind, a powerful shaman.
The plot.
The wedding of the king's daughter is the most important event in the castle, yet in the midst of the fun, the kuthis, or ancient raven warriors, start to attack the castle ....

During this show, spectators will see siege weapons, catapults, trickery of the defenders and treachery of the enemies. The ending is completely unpredictable.

The castle is home to a huge number of secrets, sliding walls, moving parts, secret rooms and strange inhabitants.

A true medieval Gothic atmosphere is guaranteed and mysteries and magic are supported by nerve- wracking musical accompaniment.

Our play "Kuthi" is also a game, where father and son, crows and castle knights are fighting on stage and in real life. We suppose that every boy dreams of playing toy soldiers with his father, and his father secretly dreams of winning. And we invite you to play with us!

At the end of the story, the audience is invited to explore the mechanisms, while we will reveal a few engineering secrets. They can give a try, touch, or even live the life of the main characters by themselves.

Thanks for the support of the project!

Semelit Sofia
Jana Nyukanen
Alina Pissareva
Anastasia Shapran
Mikhail Goriunov
Karpenko Olga
Julia Perlin and Mia Kulpin
Varvara Ponomarjova
Valentina Lai
Aleksandra Kekkonen
Julia Vahtraorg
Anna Sarin
Tatjana Povilioniene
Tatjana Stsaslivaja
Yana Radzivil
Alina Riaby
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