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Tricktrek - a wooden laboratory.

We are Alexander and Serafima.

Our project Tricktrek grew in 2017 from the idea of a wooden mechanical performance based on the book by the English writer R. Dahl "The Huge Crocodile". The performance took part in the theatrical festival of the Bolshoi Puppet Theater.

The animals, the heroes of the play, have turned into play objects for children. Subsequently, we have developed about two dozen different toys. They are all unique and each has its own secret. Dragons flap their wings, crocodiles open their mouths, elephants shake their heads, and some magical creatures hide gold coins.

During 2018-2019, we constantly developed new forms for creative laboratories and master classes, conducted interactive events for children. In 2021, Tricktrek moved to Tallinn.
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Wheel of Fortune.

Fun win-win lottery for your holiday. The wheel spins and wooden musicians dance with it, the hat sways, the jaw moves up and down, and in the eyes of Hector, hearts and flames alternately appear.

The play based on the work of R. Dali "The Enormous Crocodile".
All the scenery of the play, all the characters are made of wood.
This performance is a mechanism that complicates everything towards the finale.
The main character is a terrible, terrible, nasty-opposite, treacherous HUGE Crocodile who wants to eat for dinner ... a child! But this is not so easy to do, because a hungry crocodile is developing a whole series of Witty tricks, showing miracles of disguise.
Fortunately, the villain's idea was not successful, because all the jungle revolted against him: the hippo, the elephant, and even the monkey.
This is a very, very funny story!

Duration: 30 minutes.
(Performance can be ordered for any event)

Cost: 150 euro.
The maximum number of small viewers is 20 people.
They went to the play by @tricktrek with the children ... this is the case when it is better to see once than hear 100 times ... I watched and thought: "How this beautiful married couple took and created the whole theater with their own hands .." Gifted, hardworking, incredible ... Thank you!
I don't want to leave the @samokatbook house on Monchegorskaya, but I don't want to let go of @tricktrek toys, some didn't let them out)) now we have a cheerful orangutan living at our place. And today we were waiting for a real 'piano in the bushes': an absolutely magical wooden mini-performance from the workshop of amazing toys @tricktrek, which they invented and put on according to Roald Dahl's book "The Huge Crocodile". All the characters and the scene are made of wood jewelry, look at the story, but the video does not convey the atmosphere at all, it's like a vintage music box, you can twirl it in your hands and look at it ... and then we made paper copies of the characters and it was also magical as well as chatting, hugging, buying good books and wandering the streets of Petrogradka with the whole family of three generations on a real summer day ... thanks to all the actors for this 'today' is inconsistent but in hot pursuit of emotions;)

Paper toys

You can download the file and print it.

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